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My purpose: lead your project to success.

My scope of work is extensive: it consists of all the challenges you have to master in your day-to-day work as a CEO, COO or CMO. I work with business leaders, marketing directors and all those whose field of activity is customer-oriented. Here I have compiled for you some typical tasks for which I take ownership of – so you can get to know my work, my approach and my philosophy.



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Customer centricity, Positioning

Few people know that the most impactful aspect of marketing is consumer behavior, and yes, it has a lot to do with psychology and sociology. I was fortunate to learn from Prof. Werner Kroeber-Riel who translated this behavioral approach from research to marketing practice. It was Kroeber-Riel who developed the key image of the green-sailed ship for Beck’s, and his laws of communication still apply today, even for B2B, and especially in online marketing.Why is this important? Because personas have become really a thing in the last years, not onlySEE DETAILS

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Communications, Strategy

Aah, the good old times, when the boss simply decided the new product’s branding on his own, and all the employees in the office and out in the field would simply follow like happy sheep. These times are over, and if you’re honest with yourself, these times weren’t good at all. Because in reality, not everyone followed, maybe not even the majority, and the rest would mock about the boss’s incompetence to harness the great experience of the staff to find a better solution.After the rise of stakeholder management inSEE DETAILS

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Communications, Customer centricity, Positioning, Strategy

First of all: you don’t have a target group, you have more than just one, and that’s why you need to segment your customers into interhomogeneous and intraheterogenous target groups. Oh, did I loose you right here? I am sorry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.Let’s make an easy statement: usually target group descriptions are as worthless as the whole briefing template that your agency just sent to your overstressed product manager. Usually no one has really an idea who and where the target group is, they would justSEE DETAILS

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