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My purpose: lead your project to success.

My scope of work is extensive: it consists of all the challenges you have to master in your day-to-day work as a CEO, COO or CMO. I work with business leaders, marketing directors and all those whose field of activity is customer-oriented. Here I have compiled for you some typical tasks for which I take ownership of – so you can get to know my work, my approach and my philosophy.


Customer centricity, Positioning, Strategy

What’s a positioning? Well, it’s easier to explain what it is not. It’s not, as some of you might remember from the olden days, the so-called strategical decision if you want to be a cost leader or a quality leader. And if you think that something like innovation leadership is a proper positioning, I will convince you in the most polite way that you’re wrong. Positioning a brand, a product, or a service as the one with the lowest price in the market will backfire on you if the competitorsSEE DETAILS

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